Watch some random videos I made...

Most of my videos are just for fun but...

One helped raised $10k for Firefighters in post-Katrina Biloxi. One was accepted to the Hollywood International Student Film Festival. And two got me into Tisch Film School, twice, but I did Film Studies at UC Berkeley instead.


Roles (experience):
Editing (lots and lots)
Shooting (lots)
Directing (some)
Lighting (some)
Writing (some)
Storyboarding (some)

Software (experience):
Final Cut Pro X (tons)
Photoshop (tons)
Premiere Pro (lots)
Ableton Live (some)
Garage Band (some)
Pro Tools (some)


DLSR: Canon 5D Mark II
Audio: Zoom H4N
Mics: Sennheiser Lavs